CMES 3D AI robot vision technology is
driving better and smarter factory automation.

CMES technology is widely recognized by outstanding companies in different fields
such as automobile manufacturing, logistics, footwear manufacturing, steel, and electronics,
taking the leading position in 3D robot vision solutions.



2014 · Established CMES Co., Ltd.
· Designated as 1st generation in the Creative Economy Innovation Center in Daejeon
(in the top 10 companies out of 180 corporations) ​
· Received certificate of Venture Business from the Government
· Launched 3D Scanner
2015·​Established R&D center (Seoul)· Pin inspection                        
2016· Attracted investment from SKT· Dispensing guidance
· Pin inspection
· Cockpit guidance
2017· Universal Robot Certified System
Integrator (CSI) created
· Box picking & Void filling
· Pin inspection
· Inspection
· Applied for patent right with welding
bead inspection device
2018 · Signed a distribution agreement of Kawasaki Robotics Korea
· Registered as a new installation company to Nike and obtained order for CMES solution
· Registered as a vendor company to LG Chemistry
· Obtained order for 3D robot R&D project from Hyundai Motors
· Depalletization
· Welding guidance
· Bin picking
· Automated teaching system
· Registered patent rights of logistics package device and packaging method
· Registered copyright for 3-dimensional position recognition algorithm of the image sensor to unique patterns
· Registered copyright for vision system workflow for flexible manufacturing using AGV
· Registered copyright for accurate camera calibration to a 3-dimensional pattern group
2019 · Signed a domestic sole distributor contract with Photoneo and LUCID
· Attracted investment from Kolon Investment and Atinum Investment
· AMR & 6-Axis robot
· Automation solution
· Assembly guidance
· Gluing & Dispensing guidance
· Bin picking, Inspection, Unloading
2020· CMES NEW CI launching· Dispensing guidance
· Sealant inspection
· Cockpit guidance
· Developing Platform EQUAL™
· Registered patent rights for connector inspection device and connector inspection method
· Registered patent rights of position detection system

In CMES, there are many people from a wide range of professional life such as,
A person who made a multifunctional remote control in hours and
now makes a multifunctional robot gripper,
A person who studies aerospace and now studies robots,
A person who developed a game and now creates a 3D simulator.

CMES is a creative 3D AI robot vision company that brings together unique people with
diverse experiences and technologies to create extraordinary results.

CMES, we are creative, miraculous, enthusiastic and smart.



Paid holidays for family celebrations and compassionate leave

Birthday gift card

Lunch/dinner provided, salad & snack

Complete medical checks supported

Allowance for work-related books

Rest area for employees

Rest area for employees

Use of nickname
(no job position)

Free dress code

Working at CMES

Exhibition space Tech Center and R&D lab to the space
where you can get enough rest, there is a balance.

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SW Engineer· Algorithm Developer
· Software Architect
· AI Model Developer
· Application Developer
· AI Infrastructure Developer
Platform Engineer· Platform Architect
· Graphic Interface Developer (Unreal Engine)
· UI / UX Designer
System Engineer · System Designer
· System Builder
HW Engineer · Electrical Engineer
· Mechanical Engineer
· Optical Engineer
Project Manager· R&D Project manager
· SI Project manager
Customer Support · Field Support Manager
· Field Support Engineer (Off-line)
· Remote Support Engineer (On-line)